Thursday, September 8, 2011

The felt sense of writing (speaking, listening and reading) with the body

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I think I missed a great workshop by Sondra Perl on writing with the body. In previous posts I have commented on the felt sense of haptic-integrated pronunciation work and the "full-body" or kinesthetic listening comprehension that gradually develops. If you can write "with" the body, you can obviously read with the body, as well. In part, that means that the writer or reader is intentionally trying to access and validate less conscious memories or perceptions of sensations of various kinds and integrate them in more effectively with conscious processing of the task at hand. (That is the essence of the concept of "felt sense" and the central concept of HICR/EHIEP instruction.)

There are many exercise, training and performance systems that use similar concepts and language.  Were I to attempt to identify the most pervasive problem with contemporary pronunciation instruction today, it would have to be either dis-integrated/decontextualized methods or lack of systematic "body" engagement. One or the other . ..  think I'll go with the body!

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