Monday, September 12, 2011

Pronunciation (learning) posture

Image credit: ATI
In part because of the importance of upper body fluidity in learning the stress and rhythm of English (haptically, at least--see earlier "Fly Fishing" post), I have often recommended that a student with poor posture, often the result of an earlier accident or chronic work-related stress, do Alexander Technique Training (linked here and in the right column.) I considered the title, "Heading off pronunciation problems," for this post to set up one of the basic AT techniques, that of helping the student achieve such upper body relaxation that there is the strong felt sense that the head is "floating" atop the neck and shoulders, with optimal body posture and breathing.

In that frame of mind and body, attention focus and ability to mirror HICP pedagogical movement patterns should be heightened substantially--corroborated by research from many disciplines. So, if you are being "stiffed" by your students, perhaps you (or them) should "head off" to your local Alexander practitioner!

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