Thursday, September 8, 2011

A nose for Pronunciation work

Clip art: Clker
I have for years played with the use of essential oils in pronunciation work, especially rosemary and pine. Experience has shown that many learners are simply too sensitive to work with any level of aroma therapeutic techniques. I have only used oils with individuals, never a class for that reason. In our work, on some protocols, either the hand passes close to the nose or the nose passes close to a deltoid--where oil can be applied (very lightly!) to good effect. This research highlights the well documented potential impact of rosemary on memory and concentration. It contrasts it with lavender which also has some useful application in other contexts.

So, after you have tried it on yourself, consider employing rosemary in a one-on-one lesson with an amenable  learner sometime. Never fails to be memorable and make "scents!"

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