Friday, September 30, 2011

First Annual International HICP (Haptic-integrated Clinical Pronunciation) Convention

Great response from HICP as a possible name for the organization, pronounced "hiccup," so let's go with that. I hope to be on sabbatical in Spring 2013, so I propose that we hold our first "convention" in late Spring 2013, someplace warm. I use the term "convention" because I assume that by then the size of the organization will so large, with haptic anchors (the term we might use for a local or national affiliates) everywhere, that to call it only a conference would deny the true felt sense of the event. With enough time to plan and keep in touch, the convention should come off without a hiccup! KIT (Keep in touch!)


Bill Acton said...

Only requirement for membership will be experience using haptic technique in pronunciation teaching, lack of excessive training in linguistics and a sense of humour . . . With haptic anchor on the latter, of course!

Bill Acton said...

Just got a suggestion for our eJournal title: The HICPR (Haptic-integrated clinical pronunciation research). Love it!

Bill Acton said...

and, of course, what is our moniker? HICPRs, of course! How about for the website?

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