Saturday, September 24, 2011

EHIEP I - Hapticulum

The EHIEP haptic-integrated curriculum (hapticulum!) involves, essentially, 10 brief classroom presentations delivered either by the instructor or video. Each "lesson" teaches a set of pedagogical movement patterns (PMP)s for use in the classroom during "regular" instruction in any skill area. What you see in a video is just the goal of each 25-30 minute, last piece of a 5-step instructional presentation. (Experienced instructors could figure out how to break down and teach the PMPs; some introductory instructional videos will be available later for those with less background in pronunciation instruction.) The basic hapticulum would be roughly: (a) daily warm up, (b) discourse prominence marking, (c) vowels--all of them, believe it or not, (d) focal/output groups, (e) selected intonation contours, (f) conversation rhythm, and (g) integration anchoring. (Listed there also are a few optional modules--which would not make sense without some further orientation to the EHIEP system.) All PMPs there are haptic-anchored. In one of the next blogposts (EHIEP II - Application) I'll explore how those PMPs (or any less haptic, typical, disembodied, cognitive "noticing" strategy for that matter) can be used throughout language teaching programs. Keep in touch . . .

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