Monday, September 5, 2011

"Phonetic" Justice

An excerpt from "Poetic Justice" by rapper, Kool Moe Dee. The full text of the linked rap is not recommended or endorsed, but he does make an interesting link, metaphorically--depending on your worldview, between phonetic and justice which is worth considering briefly:

"They play the weak cause the weak won't speak
But that just makes a fan go seek
A station that they know will bust this
(Who's on the radio) poetic justice
Poetic Justice
What goes around, comes around
Goes around, comes around (2x)
Doing justice to poetry
Poetic, phonetic, genetic, fanatic - you connect it."

The primary focus of HICP work has evolved to center on the classroom where

(1) There is minimal technology, only video playback.
(2) The instructor has minimal, if any training in phonetics and pronunciation.
(3) The students may be motivated (or not-probably not) to practice outside of class and may or may not be literate.
(4) All sound change work (what is still referred to by some as "pronunciation instruction") is seamlessly integrated into class work.
(5) The students generally cannot afford or wouldn't bother with an Android or iPhone pronunciation app. to work on their "intelligibility."

I had years earlier joked that I specialized in "those with accents and money." EHIEP protocols still work with  those clients, of course, but "phonetic justice" demands something more . . .

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