Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Semiotics of the visual field

Here is a research study that uses the "Personal Styles Inventory" in exploring the personality traits of subjects arrested for DWI. (My colleague and mother-in-law) Dr Corrine Cope, was instrumental in developing the conceptual framework, depicted in the octagon below, for identifying the relationship between  traits in an individual. The layout of the sectors of the PSI octagon is strikingly similar to the underlying bases of visual representations of many psychological and philosophical systems: the basic "meaning" of the vertical/horizontal axes. (Note the  simple External/Internal ~ Change/Stability figure at the bottom.) 
From several earlier posts examining the character or tendencies inherent in the various areas in the visual field (See  links to visual metaphor usage, NLP, OEI and phonaesthetics), it has been acknowledged that anchoring or retrieving a sound or process higher or lower--or more to the left or the right-- in front of the learner should make a difference. The meanings of the PSI octagon sectors provide a fascinating template for mapping on the felt sense of the vowel system of a language . . . as long as the front vowels are to the right as in EHIEP vowel displays, rather than to the left as is traditionally charted by phoneticians. 

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