Friday, October 19, 2018

Haptic pronunciation training webinars coming UpDownUnder!

The first training webinars for Haptic Pronunciation Training - English, Version 5.0, were held on December 7th and 8th, staged from Wollongong, Australia. So, why from Wollongong? Other than being there to connect with Aussie Hapticians and meet the penguins, the webinars are follow ups to the two conferences (3rd Annual Pronunciation Symposium and ALAA conference) reported on in the previous post.

You'll be able to sign up for them again in February, 2019.

Webinar I
  • Introduction to Haptic Pronuciation Teaching
  • North American English vowels
  • Syllables and phrase grouping
  • Intonation 
  • Select consonants
Webinar II
  • Aussie English vowels and intonation
  • Fluency
  • Conversation rhythm
  • Advanced intonation and secondary stress
  • Classroom correction, feedback integration techniques
  • Consonants on demand (from participants) 
 Note: To do Webinar II you need to also sign up for Webinar I

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  1. Response to the announcement has been great! I'm looking in to doubling the size of the webinars. More on that on November 1st.

  2. Are there still places left in these webinars? I know I'm late to register, :-(
    I tried to register, and while it doesn't say it's full, it came up at $0.00 cost, so I think something is wrong.

  3. Registration closed yesterday officially, without enough participants, but that may change tomorrow. (Need min 12!) Check back in about 24 hours!