Friday, October 19, 2018

Haptic pronunciation training webinars coming UpDownUnder!

The first training webinars for Haptic Pronunciation Training - English, Version 5.0, were held on December 7th and 8th, staged from Wollongong, Australia. So, why from Wollongong? Other than being there to connect with Aussie Hapticians and meet the penguins, the webinars are follow ups to the two conferences (3rd Annual Pronunciation Symposium and ALAA conference) reported on in the previous post.

You'll be able to sign up for them again in February, 2019.

Webinar I
  • Introduction to Haptic Pronuciation Teaching
  • North American English vowels
  • Syllables and phrase grouping
  • Intonation 
  • Select consonants
Webinar II
  • Aussie English vowels and intonation
  • Fluency
  • Conversation rhythm
  • Advanced intonation and secondary stress
  • Classroom correction, feedback integration techniques
  • Consonants on demand (from participants) 
 Note: To do Webinar II you need to also sign up for Webinar I

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Haptic pronunciation teaching goes "Down Under" (to Wollongong)!

Photo credit: ALAA
No, we hapticians are not just doing more work with the rhythmic feet of Aussie English--although that is actually a very good idea (and you don't necessarily have to be a dancer or haptician to appreciate or use them! See this description of rhythmic feet from a DownUnder university!)

Some of us will be at the 2018 Applied Linguistics Association of Australia conference in Wollongong, November 26-28th and the 3rd Pronunciation Symposium the preceding day.

Although there are a couple of presentations at the Symposium that sound haptic (at least metaphorically) such as
  • Punching through the Barrier to Activate Productive Oral Vocabulary (Billie Beljanski)
  • Teaching the Pronunciation of -Ed Endings with an Articulatory Approach (Arizio Sweeting)
I'll be doing one that definitely is:
  • A Haptic Technique for Teaching Reduced and Secondarily Stressed Vowels
 At the ALAA conference, I am doing the opening plenary:
  •  Embodied (and Disembodied) Methodology in English Language Teaching: From Drill to Virtual Reality
And a 20-minute quick session:

  • Haptic pronunciation correction and feedback
If you are going to be at either conference, please get "in touch" ( so we can gather round the barbie and do a little "Haptic dance!