Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Haptic pronunciation teaching system (AH-EPS) launch!

Have been getting many inquires on exactly when everything will be available. Soon. Here is how it looks right now:

1. Our experience with the current Vimeo streaming video has been hit and miss. Without good bandwidth, it is not all that hot. We are primarily marketing AH-EPS to those who don't have high end technology. So, we will probably keep that option fo
r the time being and but  try allowing downloads from Vimeo (including a different cost structure, etc.)

2. The current list price of Instructor's set is going to be about $300 (4 DVDs). That includes
  • An introductory video set that you use to convince students to take the course. (One you might use for a information meeting with the public, like advertising.)
  • 9, 30-minute video sets. (One for each module) 
  • A DVD with 14 consonant videos.
  • Instructor's Guide (65 pages) 
  • 1-hour webcam consultation
3. The price of the Student Workbook set (including 4 DVDs) will be about $50. That includes:
  • 27 video homework practice sets (3 for each of the 9 modules) 
  • A DVD with 14 consonant videos. 
  • The Student workbook (120 pages)
                              (The Workbook and DVD set can be purchased separately.)
Note: You need at least one Student Workbook DVD set for each 3 students that you have. It is best, of course, for every student to have his or own workbook and DVD set, but we have found that it is possible for 3 students to share the DVDs the 3 video sets in each module in one week. It takes at least a week for each module. (One 30-minute Teaching video set and then 3, 30-minute homework video sets.)  If you are going to be doing classes with AH-EPS, we can work out a deal where you just buy workbooks for everybody and one set of DVDs for each 2 or 3 students. (The workbook, by itself would cost about $25, depending on how many, etc!) Can even set up free webcam consultations with you and teachers, etc.

4. If a student wants to do the course by himself, he would also need to purchase both the Instructor's DVDs and the Student Workbook set.

More info in about a week! 

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