Thursday, April 25, 2013

More hard hitting evidence as to why haptic pronunciation teaching has so much punch!

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This is really cool. At the BC TEAL conference on Saturday we'll be doing a presentation on the neurological case for why haptic pronunciation teaching works. This will be one of the highlighted studies. First check out this AH-EPS video and then review this summary of research by Propper, McGraw, Brunye and Weiss of Montclair State University, published in PLos ONE, as reported by Science Daily. In essence, the study found that subjects could remember words better if they just clenched their right fist after concentrating on them. It is a bit simplistic and leaves open some obvious loose ends, but it certainly works for us! An earlier study (also summarized by Science Daily), reported earlier on this blog, found that clenching your left hand keeps you from clenching under pressure as well. (Clench both and you are unbeatable?)

The Rhythm Fight Club, the one in the Vimeo video, from the time it was created in 2007, has been the most immediately effective of the AH-EPS pedagogical movement patterns in the system. It looks now like the entire AH-EPS system, including the "knock out" Rhythm Fight Club, will be available for purchase in about a month. Check the new AH-EPS page or the ESLEnglish feature on AH-EPS occasionally. Even better, please go there and LIKE the  page so we can get the word out more successfully.

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