Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A rhinoceros in jello: the pronunciation warm up as venue for assessment of learner ability and progress

Clip art: Clker
a post from a "Poemrepairworkshop" blog which makes a point worth exploring briefly: the idea that in the process of leading a pronunciation warm up you can (literally) evaluate the readiness of individual learners for the work ahead. (The post ends with a recommendation to warm up as a rhino in jelly--which I like very much--which suggests to me something important about where the field is right now as well!)

I have assumed that the warm up is a very rich source of data for years, myself, but have never systematically developed a protocol to use it from that perspective. Just observing the range of body mirroring and openness to stretching the voice and personality in the opening minutes of a class is often a highly reliable indicator of what is to come or possible that day for all involved--myself included.  The current 4-minute EHIEP warm up could certainly be used for that purpose. I'll work on that a bit and report back. In the meantime .  .  .  just watch how you warm up!

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