Sunday, January 15, 2012

The "hips" in HICP

Clip art: Clker
For most of the EHIEP protocols or techniques, the upper body movements, when done accurately with muscles warmed up and flexible, naturally draw the lower body, especially the hips,  in as well. When we say full body and brain engagement--we mean it! Ideally the movement of the hips should be in the form of a very gentle "hip thrust" forward and back on focused elements in the words or phrases being practiced. To someone watching it should not be noticeable or seen as unusual. The combination of the head nodding and diaphragm pushing the air up and out of the lungs combine to create a sympathetic movement in the hips and glutes.

 This Youtube video does a great job of illustrating several versions of an exercise to strengthen and "liberate" the hips. I often use some form of hip thrust exercise to help the overly fossilized get with the program.  If you find pronunciation work something of a pain in that region, yourself--or should you have chronic lower back problems--get down and loosen up with us!

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