Thursday, January 26, 2012

Haptic (HICP) TESOL 2012 Presentations

Coming toTESOL 2012? If so, we'll be "hapticulating" in at least a couple of talks.

The first is on the 29th in the SPLIS Academic meeting. I'm the closer of five presentations on "integration" of pronunciation work: "Post-Pronunciation pronunciation: Implications of the move toward (a) integration of pronunciation work throughout the curriculum, (b) advances in virtual reality technology and (c) increasing demand that pronunciation presented and  practiced in the classroom be more efficiently integrated into learners' spontaneous speech. "

The other one is on 31st in the morning. Five of us (Burri, Goertzen, Brodie, Teaman and myself) are doing this 45 minute demonstration: Getting Optimal Pronunciation From English Learner Dictionaries and Beyond: This demonstration introduces a set of haptic-based (movement plus touch) procedures for helping learners get pronunciation, meaning, and usage information from English learner dictionaries. Included are six techniques that are also created to be integrated into speaking and listening instruction, appropriate for use with ELLs of most levels and ages. 

Recall the (in)famous epitaph on W.C. Field's tombstone: It could be worse . . . It could be Philadelphia!

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