Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gee! Video games and getting a feel for how we will learn

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Here is a great article about the work of James Gee and a 20-minute PBS video of him talking about the kind of learning that video gaming may offer for education. The future of pronunciation instruction lies is a similar "embodiment" in video game-like virtual reality. Gee's musings should be required viewing for anyone in the field today who plans on sticking around much longer! Note, especially, how he focuses on being able to "grab" the learner and keep him or her in the game. Haptics is seen by many as central to the future of that kind of gaming.

Pronunciation work, especially, can be very difficult to design from that perspective in the classroom, let alone online. Not that HICP/EHIEP has all the answers either but it "moves" in that direction and should focus more on the part of the process where engagement is key to integration. It is easy to imagine a game of international intrigue where pronunciation or intelligibility on key phrases, for example, would be required to advance in the game. Gee! (To quote Sherlock Holmes) The game is afoot!

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