Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Putting a new face on pronunciation instruction

If you need a good analogy or "hapticananalogy," as we say . . . consider cosmetics. Applying make up is about as haptic as human experience gets. Linked is an interesting study of consumers in Taiwan. In the analysis, a set of parameters emerged that points to what may be a new rubric of some kind for EHIEP work. Here they are: (I have slightly rearranged them so that the ones applicable are listed first.)

  • Life style: active, enthusiastic and practical . . . traditional, impulsive and cautious. 
  • Product values: self-satisfaction, excitement, sense of accomplishment, fun and enjoyment . . . self-respect, warm relations with others, sense of belonging, security and reverence. 

The last five product values should almost certainly be enhanced by our work or any good instruction but are not as "rubric-able" as the others! (Or they are "ru-'bric-u-tous"?) In early EHIEP instruction, learners do homework in front of a mirror. This is, indeed, a very good looking system!

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