Thursday, December 8, 2011

Teaching and learning stress (and HICP remedies)

Clip art: Clker
Although I have absolutely no hard evidence to support it, I have suspected for decades (and written about several times) that there is a relationship between fossilized pronunciation and Type A behavior or  personality types. Not that Type A's are more resistent to pronunciation change or are contagious as instructors, but that those who are tend to be Type A types. Just a correlation there--no causal link implied!

What is interesting is that when you look at the research literature and popular pitches from those who sell stress reduction for Type A, you see a clear contrast to the highly verbal, cognitive FRIENDS prescription of the previous post-- the "Your body is your friend!-- slogan aside. Here is a typical commercial website that does have sort of a fun free test to see if you are Type-A enough to need their services! But note the nature of the standard list of technique types: Music, exercise, expressive writing, hobbies (especially HANDy-crafts!), stay connected (Read that one any way you like!), yoga--and buy their tools. You can skip the last one!

It would be easy enough to show how each of those "non-cognitive" approaches is formally mirrored in HICP methodology. Your current pronunciation teaching system . . .what type is it, eh (A)?

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Bill Acton said...

Just noticed that the pedagogical movement pattern signalled by the hand and arm position of the ant could easily be interpreted as "Type-A, yo!

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