Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why multimedia teaching of aerobics (and pronunciation, I'm sure!) is more effective!

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There are times when you read an abstract and you like the conclusion so much that you are actually afraid to read the article! The work reported by Li and Sun (2008) appears to suggest that the virtual reality or video-based version of EHIEP (Essential Haptic-integrated English Pronunciation) could be much more effective than face-to-face. Wow! There are some issues of language in the abstract so I may be misinterpreting the conclusions . . . But judge for yourself:

"The results indicated: (1) the multi-media teaching for sports aerobics, which takes the students' study as the center, pays great attention to the learning environment design is helpful in making the student to establish the correct technical movement concept, and then raise the utilization rate of effective time in class, and increase the teaching information capacity the grades, (2) the sports aerobics received in the experiment group are better than those of the students in the opposite one, and (3) the multi-media teaching has its unique superiority in theoretical knowledge and the technical skill instruction aspects of sports aerobics compared to conventional teaching methods."

And there you have it . . . 

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