Monday, December 5, 2011

New L2 identity and new pronunciation in 40 days!

Photo credit: Mens Health
40 is something of a magic number when it comes to persistence (For example, staying afloat that long in an ark!) Turns out there may be something to it. Reported on the Mens Health website is a summary of a study by Rutgers researcher, Philips, of subjects who took on a personal development project that required considerable discipline and commitment. One finding was that,

 “If a person performs a behavior regularly and for long enough [40 days in this study], the behavior becomes part of the person’s self-identity or self-concept . . . For example, if I made a goal to start running and succeeded, I’d begin to see myself as a runner."

What a coincidence! EHIEP basic training  (exclusive of the introductory session) is also 6 weeks long, 42 days--a total of about 24 hours (including both in class training and homework.) No wonder students begin to hear themselves differently who manage to  stick with the practice regimen to the end. As they say, "Life (and apparently new L2 identity) begins @40!"

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