Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why do "HICP-EHIEP?"

I realize that that working title for the English application may be a little hard to embrace. (Hiccuping apes, in general, do not have an easy time of it!) Here is an elaborated version of what is now in the right column.  HICP-EHIEP:
  • Is a different way to learn pronunciation, based in part on Arthur Lessac’s notion of “Training the body first” 
  • Looks somewhat like a combination of aerobics, sign language and Taichi 
  • Provides a basic foundation for continued, self-directed pronunciation learning and classroom instruction 
  • Is designed for use by relatively untrained teachers but appropriate for all teachers (and learners) of all levels 
  • Focuses on pronunciation used in conversation (not all words in English)
  • Is a highly “brain-and-body-friendly” system that promotes efficient learning of integrated tasks in general
  • Can be delivered entirely through (haptic) video and (optional) web-based consultation


Bill Acton said...

Generous prize available to the one who comes up with a new name (and/or logo!) for the English pronunciation teaching system!

Bill Acton said...

How about this for a name change?

"Haptic Video Essential English Pronunciation (H-VEEP!)"

I got the idea after reading over the Website of Professor Tachi (linked in the main post.)

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