Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Happy" with your pronunciation teaching?

Clipart: Clker
In an earlier post, "New L2 identity and new pronunciation in 40 days!," it was noted that 40 days may be a minimal time period necessary to establish both exercise persistence and new identity. The linked research study summary by Shawn Anchor, and accompanying TED talk, seems to point to what may be an important motivational or affective benchmark along the way as well: 21 days. "What we found was something as simple as writing down three things you're grateful for every day for 21 days in a row significantly increases your level of optimism and it holds for the next six months. The research is amazing. It proves we actually can change." Good to know that (1)  it takes so little time, (2)  it lasts so long--and (3) we can actually change!" Granted, it may be hard to think of 60 more things to be all that haptic  (or happy) to blog about in the next 20 days, but I am optimistic  . . .


Lady Isabella Fortuna said...

I really like this blog. Proper and effective speech is something I'm interested in. Thank you for posting.

Bill Acton said...

I certainly agree w/you on the latter!

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