Thursday, February 9, 2012

Core pronunciation: Intonation

Conductors, choral and orchestral, are said to develop great core strength (and a life expectancy considerably beyond the rest of us, by the way!) It is as if they conduct from their very core both literally and figuratively. The EHIEP approach attempts to capture the felt sense of English intonation focusing on both expressive, flowing gestures across the visual field and the accompanying mid-body core (abs and diaphragm) rhythmic movements. To get a sense of the ideal "felt sense" of flow, see the linked video above. (Granted, that one is not conducting, per se, but just put a ribbon in your left hand and follow along with Eugenia Kanaeva.)

For expressiveness, shut off the sound and mirror Navarro Lara for a couple of minutes.  For a nice experience of conducting from the core, strap your hands to your sides and then watch this one of an excerpt of a master class by Maestro Cheah, contracting your core on each down beat. Flow, expression and core anchoring of discourse foregrounding. Work on that for a couple of weeks.

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