Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Post HICP-tic teaching suggestion

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We have all seen examples of "post-hypnotic suggestion" either on stage or in more clinical settings. Here is an article I wrote some time ago entitled, "Seven suggestions of highly successful pronunciation teaching." Were I to re-write that piece today, I'd add an eight, something analogous to this example of provided by a hypnotherapist where he is basically setting up his clients to experience signs of change or progress in the everyday experience in the week ahead. In HICP work some of what we should suggest to learners is that, as long as they do their assigned homework religiously, (a) they will begin to at least recognize when they are still using a "defective" form of some kind, and then (b) they will begin to recognize when they are using the "improved" or "corrected" form instead. They should also begin to discover other words where an "incorrect" vowel or consonant is hiding out when reading or occasionally when speaking.

You will,  of course, this coming week think of other "suggestions" that you can offer in passing which will help reinforce and integrate what is being learned and re-learned . . . or,  following Dr House's pithy prescription, perhaps "these aren't the druids you are looking for . . . "

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