Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pronunciation homework--in a flash (card system)!

EHIEP homework, ideally done at least three times between module presentations (either in class or by video), typically involves five components: (a) Warm up, (b) Review of previous protocols, (c) Learning of new protocol/technique, (d) Practice of new protocol with model conversation, and (e) Practice with word list. For the last component, word list practice, there are a few online flashcard systems that work satisfactorily. The Flashcard Exchange (cost: "free" or $12.99 for lifetime full-feature license) for use with laptop or desktop, is a popular application which connects up well to the iPhone apps,  including one I like (cost: "free" or $3.99 for full features), Flashcards Deluxe--although there are others that are adequate as well. That one, as do most of the online systems and some of the laptop versions--most importantly--integrates both video and audio effectively, and provides various scoring, storage and importing options. In both cases, the flash cards are easy to create and manage for either instructor or learner. The "answer" side of the flash card will typically contain: (a) Indication of stress syllable, (b) vowel numbers--in lieu of phonetic transcription, (c) audio of pronunciation, (d) high value phrase or sentence using the word, and (e) optional note on the pedagogical movement pattern used, if necessary. Try a flashcard system: successful learners consistently "flip" over it . . .

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