Saturday, November 12, 2011

HICP/Essential Haptic-integrated English Pronunciation (Hiccuping Ape!) system availability!

Have had many inquiries as to when the HICP-EHIEP ("Hiccuping Ape!") system (videos, I-manual, S-workbook and "webcamsultations") will be available, in what form--and what it will cost! The short answer is: as soon as possible, but by March, 2013, in time for the TESOL convention in Dallas. I will post updates here as to specifics as we get the pieces ready to roll out. The "stuff" included and approximate pricing will be as follows:

A. EHIEP Haptic Video System (EHVS)
      *9 basic, 30-minute modules, each containing 4 video teaching clips (demonstration, training, practice and classroom protocol version) along with a video scaffolding/review of the practice versions of all previous protocols. A module takes about one week to complete.
      *15, 5-10-minute consonant repair modules (th/th, s/sh/z/zh, r/l, w/y, f/v, word-final voiced consonants, etc.) These modules are used as needed.

B. Instructors' manual - Program overview and detailed instructions for introducing the system and using it in the classroom.

C. Student workbook (Probably available through Functionall Books) - Graphic illustrations of the pedagogical movement patterns of each protocol, reference charts, word lists, self-assessment checklist and worksheets for homework assignments for the protocols. (There are a minimum of 3 homework assignments for each protocol, done every-other-day, along with audio recordings for additional practice.)

D. Webcamsultations (Typically, one for each protocol, but more are available, depending on the technology of the school or institution, including,"Teach this protocol to the class for me today - LIVE!")

Current price estimates:
Streamed HICP-EHIEP videos and/or DVD set with Instructors' Manual ~$800 (CAD) 
Student workbooks ~$15 (available online)
Student practice videos and audios ~ $40
Webcamsultations: from ~$50 per half-hour
*Participants in the Pre-conference Haptic Pronunciation Institute at TESOL 2013 receive DVD of EVHS

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