Friday, November 18, 2011

Haptic technology for pronunciation teaching "on hand!"

Hat tip to Matt McLean for pointing me to these two URLs on the development of Omnitouch/
Kinect technology. As you can see in this YouTube video, embodying some of the EHIEP techniques is technically feasible now. In fact, even without the computer interface, the basic embodiment strategy of touching a spot on the other hand or arm or wherever is, from a HICP perspective, probably as effective in anchoring as the visual interface used there itself.

Actually, even if you just project the image on the wall or the desk and use that target as the visual field, it would still create a potentially workable, basic haptic anchoring template. It would not be as effective or portable or engaging as what we have already--using just the visual field of the learner and bilateral haptic anchoring--but it would certainly be a touch better than anything else available today!

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