Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kinesthetic empathy and haptic listening

Here is the first of two very cool videos from a neuroscience/dance project and conference: "From Mirror neurons to Kinesthetic Empathy." (The sound quality is problematic in places.) Dance-related research in kinesthetic empathy explores, in part, how the observer of dance "moves along" with the dancer--and how that experience can be utilized and enhanced.

One frequent observation by EHIEP learners is that near the end of the program their listening skills have improved in a somewhat unexpected manner. Specifically, they have become better at remembering what is said, how it is said and able to repeat what they have heard (often using EHIEP pedagogical movement patterns). The "felt sense" of that experience seems to be very much body-based, non-cognitive, as if the whole body is recording the conversation. Although we have for sometime been terming that "kinesthetic listening," we have not yet developed the advanced listening comprehension protocol systematically. We should soon. Hapticempathy?

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