Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hand sensitivity (probably) matters in haptic pronunciation work

Clip art: Clker
There is a long tradition in various healing arts for "healing touch" and training in how to develop hand sensitivity and awareness of the "energy" of our hands. Hand and eye dominance seem to be parallel. For most, one's dominant eye and hand will be the more sensitive. Earlier posts reported research on analogous "hot" spots in the visual field--which have been incorporated in various ways in aspects the EHIEP/HICP model such as placement of vowel nodes and pitch levels. (We have also researched and experimented with the use of various aromatic hand creams in sensitizing mind and body.)

There are tests of hand sensitivity which may be of helpful in understanding why some learners are better than others in establishing consistent pedagogical movement patterns  in the visual field, anchored by touch. With some type of touch sensitivity training such as this one, the process of working from potent haptic anchors might be improved significantly, at least giving the "haptically challenged" a (better) hand, so to (better) speak . . . 

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