Sunday, July 31, 2011

Haptic Drilling!

Clip art: Clker
Well . . . the application of the use of visual-haptic systems in "drilling down into" data of various kinds reported (in what journal or publication or when, I know not from the URL!) in a paper by Liu and Laycock, University of East Anglia, to our work may not be that evident at first, but the underlying principle is the same. The haptic-based controller arm provides feedback to the user on the surface, density and other features of the virtual object.

I am often asked how a learner with a disability such that he or she had only use of one hand could work in the system. It would appear that EHIEP-type pronunciation teaching protocols could rather easily be "embodied" in that system, using just one hand. Even a system that used only eye tracking to adjust position in the virtual-visual field (as used in many of today's weapons systems) could probably accomplish the same thing. Now THAT would be "thrilling drill!" (See earlier post, "Is it the thrill or the drill?")

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