Monday, August 8, 2011

Haptic feedback: On the other hand . . .

Clip art: Clker
Here is an abstract (only) of a 2005 exploratory project by  Kohli and Whitton of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that looked at feasibility of using the "non-dominant" hand to provide feedback to the dominant hand in virtual reality. (Typically, only the dominant, or at least one hand, is engaged.) This is the first study that I have found that seems to suggest that research is catching up with EHIEP design! What it means, essentially, is that the concept of both hands touching in the visual field to enhance multiple modality learning appears very consistent with current VR technology. (EHIEP pedagogical movement patterns all involved both hands touching in the visual field on a stress syllable.) Only a matter of time before EHIEP goes VR? Perhaps. Still a great deal of work to do, however, before it can be "handed over!" But let's give them a hand, regardless!

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