Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Half-haptic, "Whole Brain" Power Teaching

I am often asked how "Power Teaching" relates to HICP work. The answer is . . . well, sort of. It does involve gesture-synchronized speech and what is certainly whole brain/body engagement. The main differences are that PT makes extensive use of iconic gesture (drawing a picture of something) and involves only accidental haptic (movement plus touch) anchoring.

Actually, there are occasions when I use some (relatively wacky) PT-like routines to get learners warmed to the idea of full body work in the first place. The other more interesting dimension of PT, however, is what is often called the "yes set," that is getting students to agree to follow commands--as "retro" as that may sound. Learning the EHIEP protocols requires students to mirror and follow along with either a video model or a "live" instructor and do it with considerable precision until the basic haptic strategies are  mastered,  so they can be used in the classroom whenever the need arises.

With apologies to our excessively  "Critical" colleagues, sometimes the judicious application of a little pedagogical "power"(teaching) in class is not a bad idea!

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