Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Using Laugh(t)er Yoga in voice work is no laughing matter!

Photo credit: Hectic-red.com
Clip art: Clker
I have meant to link to the website of Pamela Prather for some time. Although not clearly (or simply) "haptic" in practice, her use of "Laughter Yoga" (not to mention her extensive background, endorsements and glitz) is certainly worth a visit. And, indeed, a "laughing matter!" I have experimented with similar techniques. Working one-on-one as she does with uninhibited, riotous laughter is incredibly powerful in getting the learner into a near perfect state of mind and body for voice--and personal style--change.

As explored in previous posts,  generous, occasional doses of laughter in pronunciation work are invaluable, but if not managed right in the classroom setting that can also undermine the anchoring process, distracting focus on targeted sounds and disciplined practice.  In fact, managing nervous tension has become an explicit component of the EHIEP methodology. If I lived in New York City, however, had a problematic accent and money--or even just to have her "life coach" me for a few sessions--Pamela would seem to be well worth consulting in person . . . at least be worth a couple of good laughs . . .

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