Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alexander's "Floating Head" and great looking haptic anchors

Clip art: Clker
I have linked to articles and research related to the Alexander Technique several times before. The felt sense of upper body freedom and movement that is a primary goal of that system--a sensation of the head seeming to "float" above the shoulders, disconnected from upper body tension--is well worth exploring. (Even better, do a course yourself. A bit pricey but well worth it as a HICP instructor if you experience any chronic upper body stiffness and rigidity.)

One result of good upper body fluidity is that with correct breathing the head and upper torso will typically nod forward slightly when one is emphasizing a point in speaking. (That is generally the case in English but other languages may  communicate that function in many different ways and directions.) Ideal haptic anchoring, bringing the hands together on a stressed element in the visual field, results in a similar, distinctly felt but almost imperceptible upper torso nod from the observer's perspective. Although not a substitute for Alexander training, the "Exercise 1 - Posture" on the website will give you a very good felt sense of optimal upper body movement or engagement in haptic anchoring. It certainly has my "nod of approval!"

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