Sunday, October 2, 2011

New HICPR (Haptic-integrated Clinical Pronunciation Researcher) Blog

I have been looking for some time for an eJournal or blog where we could post/publish HICP research, especially brief reports on classroom application of haptic-integrated pronunciation techniques. There are a number of sites and journals that publish haptic research, such as the excellent one linked above, at Johns Hopkins University, but there appear to be none on the haptic side that fit our work. Likewise, in ESL/EFL pronunciation instruction and methodology, as we have seen, the focus is generally not on the clinical, but on classroom tasks and strategy instruction. The plan now is to start with a new blog and then transition to an eJournal later. I have four who have volunteered to serve as moderators. All we need now is a name for the blog--and a few more moderators. One possibility: The HICPR (The HICP Researcher.) If you'd like to join the moderating team or have a suggestion for the new blog name, either post a comment below or email me ( Personally, I still like the "sound" of acronym, HICP--but I won't hold my breath on it.

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