Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Wii sample of haptic anchoring of rhythm

Clip art: Clker
To see how easy it would be to bring haptic anchoring into video and virtual reality, check out any of  the Wii teasers. The touch function in this case is carried out by the hand-held controllers. In the current version there is little active haptic feedback provided directly (it is primarily visual) but some others do have such response systems already. Likewise, the controllers could be set to require a squeeze or button push or move across the visual field on a stressed syllable. The EHIEP "Fight club" protocol (linked here in the "Hollywood" version) uses a very Wii-compatible pedagogical movement pattern, just with boxing gloves on the attacking hands--and the targets, the opponents abs--practicing the 16 basic rhythmic feet of English. (The usual disclaimer: No animals or graduate students were harmed in the production of this YouTube video . . . )

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