Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Haptices and Haptemes

clip art: Clker
Here is an announcement of a 2010 workshop that I am sorry I missed on "Social Haptic Communication." Although the brief description only defines "haptices" as "touch messages" and "haptemes" as elements of touch, especially as applying art experiences to the body . . . I like the "felt sense" of the terms and may adopt both terms for use in some aspects of HICP/EHIEP work. The use of those concepts seems to have been originated or at least promoted by Dr Riita Lahtinen of the Ear Foundation. (Lahtinen's book, Haptices and Haptemes, sounds fascinating.) The relationship between the skin-on-skin haptic communication "language" used by those who work with the "deafblind," and our haptically anchored pronunciation methods is intriguing. It is clear from recent research that the brain does not recognize much of a difference between the two kinds of communication. Welcome to the "Hapt-Team!"

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