Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gut (surgeons') Reactions to haptic feedback and support

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Although the link is only to an abstract (I couldn't afford to pay the gut wrenching fee to read the full article . . . ), the stated conclusion is striking: " . . . on average subjects performed 36% faster and 97% more accurately with haptic feedback than without . . . " Surgeons performed a "transfer task" in a surgery training simulator (perhaps a transplant procedure?) Especially the more experienced surgeons appear to have benefited greatly from having their hands strategically guided by the computer, getting simulated haptic (tactile and kinesthetic) feedback on aspects such as surface condition and pressure, etc.

In the earlier "Haptic Cow" post I did, in fact, suggest (somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I must admit) something quite similar--having learners haptically explore and experience the inside of a virtual, speaking mouth. Wow! I had a gut feeling at the time that I was on to something . . . QED.

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