Friday, February 7, 2014

Haptic Pronunciation Teaching (v2.0) Rides Again!

This is big. AH-EPS v2.0 and the new ActonHaptic website are ready. On the website are links to everything you need to do "haptic." Reviews on the new system have been great. AH-EPS has been about 10 years in the making. It can be adapted for any group of students, either by letting me do the initial teaching on video for you (See previous "FLIP" post!) or you take a little time to train yourself and do it yourself.
For starters, I'd recommend one of the two sets below. The introductory offer on "AH-EPS v2.0 Package" provides the complete set of tools, including Instructor and Student DVD sets, hardcopies of both books, 4 months of streaming on and a webcam consultation with me to help you set it up, if necessary--or just share the fun.
The other option, AH-EPS v2.0 Intro Lite, has the same basic stuff but does not include the DVDs and hard copies. This is a good choice if you'd prefer to just get up to speed quickly with the latest developments or even to work through parts of it yourself to tune up your "pedagogical English body and voice" or your accent.
And, if you post one of those GETONIC popshops on your website or blog or social media site, every time somebody purchases what is on that tag you get a 5% commission! Keep in touch!

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