Saturday, February 1, 2014

Flipping over Haptic (video) Pronunciation Teaching!

Nice piece (originally published in Bilingual Basics, August 2013) in TESOL Connections this month entitled, "Three reasons to flip your classroom," by Marshall. A few previous posts have looked at the case for "flipping," that is using video to present concepts and then following up with various forms of in class collaboration and engagement. This is the first that I have seen that specifically addresses "flip" methodology in working with English language learners.

The AH-EPS "method" uses something of the same format:
Clip art:

  • a 30-minute haptic video 
  • where students "dance along with the model on the screen" 
  • as they are introduced to some element of English pronunciation 
  • and given a strategy/technique 
  • which instructor and student then use later in general classroom instruction 
  • to introduce, model, correct or provide feedback
  • on pronunciation of sounds, words, phrases or longer pieces of spoken language

If you are not already a "haptician," it may be time to consider flipping . . . Go to the new Acton Haptic website to get started!

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