Saturday, June 2, 2012

Teaching (of) Basic English Intonation by Non-native English Speaking Teachers

Clip art: Clker

Clip art: Clker
My graduate students and colleagues have submitted four EHIEP-related proposals for the 2013 TESOL convention. (Two were noted in recent posts.) Here is the third one: "In this workshop, four non-native English-speaking teachers (NNESTs) present an innovative, grammar and rhythm-based method specifically designed for language teachers to identify and teach English prosodic, intonation patterns effectively. A straightforward, haptic-integrated (using movement and touch) classroom-tested system for teaching conversational intonation will be demonstrated." EHIEP has been created specifically so as to be used by the NNEST, especially those whose pronunciation may be problematic. In principle, most of the basic instruction can be done by the "haptic videos"--and then followed up with integrated classroom instruction. The five graduate students proposing that workshop did a very successful version/"dry run" of it at a recent local conference. If it makes the conference program, attend that one. It nicely illustrates both the method and spirit of what we do. "Super cool!" You'll be impressed. 

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