Saturday, June 30, 2012

NEW BLOG! "Haptic-integrated pronunciation teaching"

Have just created a blog for publishing reports, formal or informal, on classroom applications of haptic-integrated teaching. I have collected dozens of stories and anecdotes from the over the past six or seven years relating to the use of EHIEP protocols in teaching. Some have already been reported on this blog and will gradually be linked again off the new one. Anytime a report is posted there, it will also be linked here in the right column. If you have brief reports or stories you'd  like to contribute, email me ( and I'll put you on as an author. I'll post my first report from one of the early EHIEP classroom "experiments" tomorrow. Keep in touch!

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Bill Acton said...

I have posted two "stories" reflecting how I got started with the haptic-integrated work. The link is in the right column for that post.

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