Friday, June 1, 2012

Essentials of haptic-integrated English pronunciation workshop(s) and I.M.A.HICPRO

                                        Mike Burri, Karen Rauser, Brian Teaman and I have submitted the following proposal to do a workshop
on Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the 2013 TESOL conference in Dallas. Chances of it being accepted are so-so, best case, but hope springs eternal, eh . . . (Actually, this basic workshop is ready to go anytime, so if you'd like one done at your school by the "H Team," let me know!) 

"This day-long, pre-conference Institute presents a haptic (movement + touch)-based approach to essential, integrated pronunciation instruction, applicable for learners middle-school age and above--designed for use in all skill areas. Especially appropriate for non-native English speaking instructors, one key innovation is the use of touch to enhance both learning and recall. Materials provided include a DVD of techniques presented." 

If it is accepted and we decide to do it, join us. If it isn't--or we don't, we'll probably put it on in a hotel nearby, regardless, in conjunction with the initial meeting of the (currently and somewhat tentatively entitled) International Madcap Association of HICPRO (Haptic-integrated Clinical Pronunciation Researchers & Outliers)--verbalized proudly, something like: "I am a hick-pro!" Keep in touch.

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