Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TESL Canada 2014 haptic pronunciation teaching proposals accepted!!!

Credit: TESLCA
This is big! We will be doing at least four "haptic" presentations at the upcoming TESL Canada annual conference in Regina, Saskachewan, May 8, 2014:

Workshop: Basics of Haptic (movement + touch) Integrated Pronunciation Instruction”
    Rauser, VanDyke, Lam and Acton

Teaching linking with touch and Taichi
    Hong, Kliuyeva and Hoekstra

Haptic phonetics for pronunciation teaching
     McWilliams and Makarova

Using haptic-integrated pronunciation with the Academic Word List
    Moulden, Peace and Zeng

If you are going to be there, join us! If not, be happy to send you a copies of the proposals or connect you up with the presenters. As reported earlier, there are also going to be 4 haptic pronunciation teaching presentations at TESOL in Portland in March:

Workshop: Essentials of haptic (kinesthetic+tactile)-integrated pronunciation instruction     Kielstra, Baker, Burri, Rauser, Teaman and Acton

Practice-oriented session: Speak fast; speak easy: The Fight Club technique
     Burns, Serena and Kielstra

Research-oriented session: Exploring research supporting haptic (movement + touch) pronunciation teaching
    Rauser, Acton and Burri

Workshop: Teaching basic English intonation by non-native English speaking teachers
    Lam, Zeng, Hong, Takatsu and Donkor

Keep in touch! (AH-EPS v2.0 will roll out next week!) 

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