Saturday, February 9, 2013

Acton Haptic - English Pronunciation System™

AH-EPS (pronounced "apes") will be the official name of what we earlier referred to as "EHIEP" (pronounced: "ape"). Most of the system will be available in about 6 weeks, at the TESOL Convention in Dallas. Here is an excerpt from the Instructors Manual:

Acton Haptic – English Pronunciation System (AH-EPS) is a multi-sensory system for learning basic aspects of intelligible English pronunciation for classroom or independent study. It is appropriate for:
  • Learners of most levels
  • Classes of up to 40 students
  • Instructors with little previous training in pronunciation teaching
  • Non-native English speaking instructors
The most innovative feature of the method is the extensive use of haptic anchoring (movement plus touch.) The overall framework has been developed to provide: 
  • More effective ways of integrating new or improved pronunciation into spontaneous speech 
  • More systematic use of kinaesthetic/body engagement in pronunciation teaching 
  • Improved self-monitoring and self-correction
  • Better integration of pronunciation teaching in the curriculum and classroom 
  • An integrated system for pronunciation homework and self-study
  • AH-EPS has several components: 
    1. Set of 30-minute instructional videos (10) 
    2. Student Workbook, with accompanying 3-minute audio recordings (27) 
    3. Instructor’s Manual with annotated Student Workbook 
    4. Set of 30-minute student, independent practice videos (27 in total--requires Student Workbook package) 
    5. Video consonant mini-modules (15) - (purchased either as a set or individually, also requires Student Workbook package). 
    6. Set of classroom pronunciation integration videos (6) 
    7. Webcam or on-site consultations (for instructors or students) 
The complete AH!-EPS haptic video system (AHVS) is a set of 108 video clips that are structured so that basic instruction in pronunciation can be done just working along with the model in the videos and following up with regular practice as indicated. Classroom instructors can use the videos to lead the training and practice in each module for them or can chose to present the material themselves, using the video as a resource:

Classroom instruction typically requires at least (1) and (3).
The recommended classroom package is (1), (2), (3), (4) for each student, (5) consonant modules as relevant to the learner population, and possible (6) and (7) for the less experienced instructor.
 Independent study requires (1), (2), (3) and probably selected consonant mini-modules (5) and perhaps (7) in some contexts. 

Keep in touch for specifics!

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