Saturday, February 2, 2013

Introducing "Acton Haptic, Inc." and "Acton Haptic - English Pronunciation System"

Clip art: Clker
As noted in the right sidebar, we are about to do a little re-branding. Our company name will officially change to "Acton Haptic, Inc." (currently AMPISys., Inc. in Canada) and what we have been calling "Essential Haptic-integrated English Pronunciation (EHIIEP) will now become (version 3.0): "Acton Haptic - English Pronunciation System" (abbreviated to "Acton Haptic - EPS", AH-EPS or informally, just "EPS" for short.)

There are, as you can imagine, any number of reasons for those changes--including ease of pronunciation by those new to haptic work! Mainly the new names just more accurately reflect what we are doing and how we exist for now on the web. There will be a new logo shortly and extensive reframing of the haptic-vido-based "products" available associated with AH-EPS. (One other rationale for the "EPS" designation is that we have already done some preliminary work on analogous systems for teaching the basic sound systems of Chinese and Korean, CPS and KPS. In principle, of course, any sound system can be taught "haptically!")

Keep in touch!

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