Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TESOL 2013 in Dallas (March 20-23, 2013) Proposals due!

Clip art: Clker
June 1st, in fact! I'm working on (a) a one-day, pre-conference institute proposal on haptic-integrated pronunciation instruction, as usual. (That has been turned down now four times but hope springs eternal!), (b) a workshop on integrating pronunciation change into spontaneous speech, (c) a reprise of the haptic dictionary demo from 2012 (That went just great but the title was clearly not zippy enough!), (d) one workshop being prepared by graduate students on NNEST intonation teaching and (e) another student demonstration or poster session on "haptic-integrated or embodied L2 identity," and (f) a workshop on haptic-integrated vowel instruction. I am only the lead presenter on the PCI. Also, will have the entire haptic-video system available for download by then and am planning a HICPR (haptic-integrated clinical pronunciation research) meeting in the networking area at the conference as well. How about you? If you are considering submitting something "haptic," let us know! Keep in touch! 

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Angelina Van Dyke said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up! Dallas 2013 sounds good - will propose something for sure. It sounds like you have the haptic scene covered though, unless you need help with "b" and "f".

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