Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Exceptional flunk'n pronunciation!

Clip art: Clker
Clip art: Clker
So I'm looking for frameworks for describing a "perfect" native speaker's pronunciation, and I find this fascinating "Exceptional-level" assessment "criterion" used for grading public speaking performance, on the website of an (anonymous) "arts and sciences division" at a university (italics, mine): "The speaker has exceptional pronunciation, grammar, and articulation, and makes exceptional use of vocal variety in a conversation with forethought of delivery. That is, the speaker exhibits exceptional flunk[sic], properly formed sounds which enhance the message, and no pronunciation or grammatical errors. In addition, the speaker’s vocal delivery is exceptionally and appropriate well paced, easily heard by all audience members, and variety in pitch to enhance the message." Now if the reference there is to the vocal style, let's say, of the Norwegian band, Flunk, then it all makes sense, but otherwise this appears to be but another case where poor proofreading (or poor writing, or worse) is just as problematic as poor pronunciation . . . or worse.

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Bill Acton said...

Now the word, FLUNK, could also be an acronym used by that speech department, maybe:
F - Fluent
L - Language
U - Uttered
N - Not all that imaginatively, but
K - "korrectly!"

Can you suggest any other reading?

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