Thursday, May 17, 2012

EHIEP Protocols: What are they and why "protocol" anyway?

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Got an email recently asking me that question. A good place to begin is the medical definition: protocol [pro´to-kol]

1. an explicit, detailed plan of an experiment. I love that one!
2. the original notes made on an autopsy, an experiment, or a case of disease. Sort of like this blog!
3. a detailed written set of instructions to guide the care of a patient or to assist the practitioner in the performance of a procedure.That is a great fit to an EHIEP protocol! 

Update: There are now currently 9 basic and 6 optional protocols in development, each providing one or more techniques for classroom instruction or independent study. Each of the main protocols involves a 30-minute haptic-video lesson (composed of 4 video clips) and 3, 15 minute haptic-video homework assignment videos:

  • (Optional) EHIEP system introduction
  • Warm Up Protocol (WUP)
  • (Optional) Body Flex Protocol (BFP) 
  • Matrix (visual field) Anchoring Protocol (MAP)
  • (2 basic; 2 optional) Vowel and Word Stress Protocols (VWSP)
  • (Optional) Vowel Resonance Protocol (VRP) 
  • Rhythm Group Butterfly Protocol (RGBP)
  • (2) Intonation Touch-i-nami Protocols (ITP)
  • TaiChi Fluency Protocol (TFP)
  • Rhythmic Feet Fight Club Protocol (RFFCP)
  • (Optional) Baton Integration Protocol (BIP) 

There are also 8, 5-minute Consonant "Protocolettes" (th, r, l/n, f/v, w, y, s/z, sh/zh) haptic-videos.
Each complete protocol includes 7 short video clips: (a) Demonstration, (b) Training, (c) Rhythmic practice, (d) Classroom procedure, (e) Homework 1, (f) Homework 2, and (g) Home work 3.
Each protocol includes Instructor guidelines and Student workbook. The complete system will be available later this year. The videos will probably be downloadable from iTunes or a similar web source. The system is designed for the relatively untrained instructor, equipped with only video player appropriate for the class size of some kind. The demonstration clips and some of the consonant protocolettes will be available here (for free!) soon. Keep in touch. 

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