Saturday, March 3, 2012

Video in pronunciation teacher training

Linked is a nice pronunciation teacher training video by Meyers and Holt. (The website has a few others as well.) Very solid work by two pronunciation specialists who really know their stuff. There are others like that available, but If you are looking to improve your own skills or those of your colleagues, that is a good, reliable source. 

The HICP/EHIEP system, on the other hand, is based on the notion of essentially outsourcing some of the essentials of English pronunciation instruction (literally!) In other words, the haptic videos are designed to be used in the classroom with students, instructors and students learning together, where the 8 classroom techniques are introduced. (The basic EHIEP system--which will be available shortly--includes 8, 30-minute videos, with optional haptic videos for consonants and homework.)

 In the promo for the Meyers and Holt video, there is a "bullet" that I love: "Low-tech techniques using rubber bands, hand movements and mirrors so teachers anywhere can become more successful pronunciation teachers." Such "low tech" embodiment techniques, once haptic-integrated into virtual reality and haptics systems, represent the future of the field. They are clearly moving in the right direction! 

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