Sunday, March 4, 2012

EHIEP? (Never thought you'd ask!)

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As we get ready to roll out the EHIEP haptic video system, I was working on "elevator talking points" for a brochure when I Googled that term and discovered that the secret is to have them ready after you have said something clever in response to a question such as: What do you do?  So next time you get that question, reply simply with:

"I'm an EHIEP Instructor!"
"Really? That sounds exciting!"

                 From there you go straight to your talking points: 

  • It is! EHIEP stands for "Essential Haptic-integrated English Pronunciation." 
  • It's a new "haptic video" system used in ESL and EFL for teaching English pronunciation.
  • Haptic video, like haptic cinema,  uses rhythm, movement and touch along with the "aerobic-like" videos.
  • "Haptic-integrated" means that the use of movement, and especially touch, greatly improves a student's ability to learn a new sound, remember it and recall it later, but most importantly haptic techniques are excellent for helping students use what they have learned in class in everyday conversation--quickly. 
  • All the basic instruction is done by Professor Acton of Trinity Western University on the video for you. Any teacher can use it, can "outsource" essential pronunciation and then follow up using the techniques everyday in tutoring or typical speaking and listening lessons.
  • It is inexpensive and easy to use. It is composed of 8, 30-minute teaching modules, 8, optional 5-minute consonant teaching mini-modules, and 3, optional 15-minute homework mini-modules with each of the 8 modules. (total of 24) 
  • It is designed to work in classes of up to 50 students of any proficiency level, teenage and older.
  • It is based on extensive research in several fields and has been extensively classroom tested. 
  • It's fun--and moving!

The quality of your pronunciation work going up? Join us!

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